Over the past five years, an extraordinary team of visionaries at the World of Work has built a comprehensive program to make career development integral to K-12 education. This year, an equally extraordinary team of visionaries at Beable launched K-12’s revolutionary, multi-dimensional Life-Ready Literacy System.

Now, Beable and the World of Work are one, joined together to lead a renaissance in career education in the classroom…building the literacy and employability skills every job today requires…and all at a time when the “Covid Generation” needs a far stronger literacy-to-career connection.

Closing the literacy and
opportunity gap via a single,
multi-dimensional solution

From opportunity gap
to lifelong opportunity

Beable World of Work is the first solution to intertwine career exposure and exploration
with literacy acceleration and core content mastery.


Promotes a new mindset and language to students, teachers and parents based on Dr. John Holland’s widely researched RIASEC model and student self-awareness of their strengths, interests and workplace values.


Through personalized, just-in-time professional development, enables teachers to realize the potential of career development in their classrooms — and to instill excitement in their students about opportunities that lie ahead.


Starts with a RIASEC Career Indicator survey to assess and build student awareness of their career-related strengths, interest and values – and based on that assessment provides extensive, personalized exposure to relevant career opportunities.


Delivers independent reading lessons on careers and soft skills differentiated to 10 Lexile® levels, so students can simultaneously explore careers, develop employability skills and improve their literacy skills.


Provides a comprehensive career development curriculum rich with teacher-led activities, so students can bring their ‘future possible selves’ into vivid focus.


The RIASEC Model

John Holland’s Theory of Career Choice (RIASEC) states that in choosing a career, people seek opportunities that will let them use their skills and abilities, and express their attitudes and values, while taking on enjoyable problems and roles.

Every necessary connection
for future-ready students

Beable World of Work brings all stakeholders together to support kids on
their journeys to success.


Students are at the center of Beable World of Work via its unique ‘BeMe’ Student Profiles. These perpetual learner records chronicle kids’ progress, activities and accomplishments – where they are now and how they’re evolving on their journeys to their careers of choice.


Teachers connect with students to model and shape behaviors and to share how learning is connected to the future workforce students will enter.


Parents and guardians gain expanded knowledge of potential careers for their kids, as well as the literacy and soft skills required by these careers, helping them guide kids from school…to college, trade school or the military.


From chambers of commerce to local businesses to religious institutions, the entire community connects to further student success through mentorships, internships, job opportunities and more.


Demonstrated efficacy

  • After just two years using the WoW program, 95% of middle school students developed specific awareness of their ‘hoped for’ selves (future occupations).

  • In the same timeframe, 80% of teachers developed significant proficiency implementing WoW in their classrooms.

Available in English and Spanish.

Additional support
in over 109 languages.

One more powerful dimension of K-12’s first multi-dimensional system

Beable World of Work is one of many dimensions within the revolutionary,
multi-dimensional Beable Life-Ready Literacy System.


Uses 2020 technology to identify and close the gap with greater speed and certainty.


Advances the whole child by intertwining literacy acceleration, intervention response, core content mastery, social-emotional learning, ACT/SAT prep and, now, career development.


Automatically identifies gaps, sets academic and career goals, and forecasts and prescribes the number and nature of reading lessons and scaffolds to close gaps and reach goals.


Applies the just-right blend of instructional methodologies per student – differentiation, individualization and personalization – in the right setting and at the right times to achieve expected annual and catch-up growth.


Seamlessly, automatically spans learning environments: classroom and pull-out; virtual, face-to-face and blended.