Weekly Winners:

Week 3: Ms. Laughlin's 7th grade class - Phoenix, AZ

Week 2: Mr. Crum's 6th grade class - Los Lunas, NM

Week 1: Mrs. Tiffany's homeroom class - San Diego, CA

With Beable, you are providing your students with the skills they need to get ahead in school and in life!

To celebrate your successful launch in Beable, you are invited to join the Beable Bright Start Contest, where you and your students will have the opportunity to win exciting prizes each week of September!

How to Enter

1) Your class needs to log into their Beable account and complete their

  • Lexile Placement Test
  • RIASEC Survey
  • Reading Topic Picker

    Already completed these activities? Skip this step!

2) Once they complete these activities, students will need to navigate to the lessons section of Beable and complete at least four Beable lessons.

You can check your students’ lesson completion by toggling over to your Beable teacher view and clicking on the ‘home’ section in your left sidebar. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click ‘lesson progress’. You’ll find your student’s lesson history in the ‘lessons’ section of the table. 

As soon as your class completes their entry requirements, you can enter them to win by filling out the form linked here.

The form will ask you if most of your students have completed at least four lessons. The rest of the contest requirements will be automatically checked by Beable.


Each week of September Beable will raffle off one class pizza party!